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Two New Abstracts

A few years ago I photographed some perfume bottles for a camera club project. Not long after that, the Finley River Art Guild in Ozark had a "Secret Box" contest - where you buy a box with an unknown item inside. You must then use that item either as the inspiration for or a component of a piece of art you create. The box I purchased had a kaleidoscope inside. So, I started working with the photo and created an abstract that reminded me of a kaleidoscope - and I had the good fortune to win "Best of Show" with that piece. After that project, the image remained in my file and I didn't make any attempt to sell it. Very recently, I learned that the theme for the Table Rock Art Guild's (aka TRAG's) fall show guessed it.....kaleidoscope magic. So I once again pulled that image from my file and started playing with it. After coming up with a couple of ideas I might present to TRAG later this month - I worked with it some more and came up with a design I liked a great deal. And, after making a dramatic change to the colors in the piece, I had another design I ultimately liked even more.

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