A Trip to Nashville

On Friday, January 20th, we loaded up and headed down to Nashville for a long weekend with family. It's roughly an 8 hour drive - but a pleasant one. No traffic congestion or irate motorists. We didn't really hit traffic until we arrived in Nashville - where there was plenty! We made one "photo op" stop on the way down, but other than that, I spent very little time with my camera during the drive - or even after we got there. The picture below is of a building called "Whitehaven" in Paducah, Kentucky - and it is a Welcome Center that was built in 1859. Lovely place!

We had rented a lovely home for the weekend - in a terrific location (east Nashville) - and it really was a wonderful visit. Friday evening was spent just catching up and knoshing on freshly made vegan food. And it was delicious. We went out to lunch on Saturday and, and on our way back to the house, a couple of us decided to take some daytime pictures of the Parthenon (in Centennial Park) and the Capitol Building (downtown) - just in case we couldn't take any night-time pictures due to the rain that was forecast. We spent a short time taking some quick shots and then returned home.

For dinner, we went out to a wonderful Asian-fusian restaurant called Verago and gorged ourselves - and later, since that rain never materialized, we went back out to take the night shots we wanted to take. Again, we didn't spend all that much time outside. Visiting was our first priority on this trip. So, while I don't have a lot of photos to post, each of them will definitely trigger some terrific memories of a wonderful visit with Rod and Diane!

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