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In preparation for this special event I have created a slide show with over 80 images. The event is an annual event and will be held at our Kimberling Area Library on Saturday, February 4th, from 9:30 AM to 2:00 PM this year. Local authors are invited to participate and promote and sell their books, and there will be 31 authors participating this year, and each of us will have a 4’ space for our product and any promotional materials we may have. Since my product – a book entitled “The Beauty of Southwest Missouri and Table Rock Lake” - is a photo book, I thought creating a slide show might make my “space” more interesting to visitors. The story I tell with my book is of my love of the beauty that surrounds us here in the Ozarks…and the pictures tell that story better than my words ever could.

I was also invited to be a speaker (at 12:30 PM). Following my talk there will be a door prize awarded - a 170-page coffee table book I created entitled “Travels Across America”. Through my images, the book chronicles the road trips I’ve taken with my husband as we crisscrossed the country over the past dozen years or so, covering roughly 50,000 miles and over 40 states. The pictures below are a bit of a sneak preview of each of the books.

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