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I was notified today that I've been invited to participate in a "Meet the Authors" festival at our local library. The event will be held on Saturday, February 4th, between 9:30 AM and 2:00 PM at the Kimberling Area Library (KAL), 45 Kimberling Blvd, Kimberling City, MO 65686. Now, when I say I was invited - it's more like I applied and was accepted. But that counts, doesn't it?

Our library hosts this event each February and local authors are invited to display, sell and sign their books - and some, like yours truly, are even invited to speak to the attendees at various sessions. I've created probably a couple dozen photo books - some for myself, some as gifts, and some i was commissioned to do for others. I also put together a "Memory Book" for my 50th high school reunion - which had the same look as our school annual in our senior year - and was filled with images from the 60's up through the current time. But the book I'll be exhibiting and selling (and autographing!) at this event is my magazine - which is titled "Welcome to the Ozarks" (through the lens of a camera). I've had some nice success with this magazine - and several people have purchased many copies to give as gifts and/or send to friends and relatives in other states. And that, of course, pleases me no end. I will be doing some minor editing before the big event though the overall look and feel will remain the same. But who knows - I might be able to add some beautiful winter wonderland pictures to it! I'll be posting updates about the event - and if you live in the Ozarks - you are invited!!

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