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Awaiting the Autumn Colors

I had wanted to go down to Arkansas to capture some of the autumn foliage this month - but the colors have been slow in coming and we may have another somewhat dull autumn this year - much like last year. In lieu of capturing and working on nature's autumn bounty, I spent a little time creating a couple of new abstracts. (The first two images.) Continued below...

Finally, last Monday, we headed down to Arkansas in hopes of capturing early morning shots of the little Golden Gate Bridge, capturing the elk as they roam the open fields down in Ponca, and possibly also capturing some color along Route 7. We left here at 7 in the morning and returned home at 3 in the afternoon - with our only success being the images of the Little Golden Gate in the early morning mist (below). We spent so much time at the bridge, by the time we drove down to Ponca, it was pushing noon and the elk were resting behind the trees and wouldn't be coming out again until late afternoon. So, we'll give the elk another try in the coming week - but I think the colors will have to wait until next year! Sigh!

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