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I have most of my projects, shows and exhibits behind me for awhile so I spent some time creating some new abstracts this week. Also, Ed and I will be taking a day trip this coming week to try and capture the wonderful colors of autumn in and around our area. Some of the trees have turned - and others are still pretty green. But usually by late October we are treated to Mother Nature's Colorful Bounty! If I'm lucky, those images will be in my next post; if not, I'll have to get creative some other way!! But either way, I'm ready for a little day trip!

A good deal has happened since my last post - the most important being a wonderful family visit! My daughter, my granddaughter and my youngest son visited us for a few days and it was a truly joyful time for me! I really wish our trees had put on their fall finery - but that started just days after they left. I also celebrated my birthday since the last posting - thus the wonderful family visit! I won't give away my age - but here's a hint....I'll be 75 next year!

So, until I'm able to capture some fall foliage images, here are some of the abstracts created this past week. Let me know what you think!

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