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The Table Rock Art Guild's fall art festival - with the theme of "Color Explosion" - was successful by any measure. And it's success is due to the efforts of many of our members - not just one or two. It's amazing how much effort goes into an event like this, and without the wonderful support of so many of our members, it could never have happened!

I can't really speak for the other artists in terms of what sold, but my mix was split fairly evenly between my abstracts (on both metal and acrylics) and local scenes (on metal and in matted prints). I also sold several of my cards and a few of my magazines - and was told by a couple of different people that they would be contacting me to purchase some as Christmas gifts.

Though Friday evening was not as well attended as in years past, the traffic over the weekend was wonderful - and I had the good fortune to have sales that I believe exceeded my sales last year. The customers are always a delight to talk with - and many of them were from out of town....some from as far away as Chicago!

Below are some of the images that were sold. The space available for each exhibitor at our show was quite limited due to the number of members who wanted to participate. As a result, I created a slide show with some 80 images in it, in four different categories....Traveling Across America, Fur and Feathers, The Ozarks, and Abstracts. The slide show gathered a lot of attention and several people suggested I create a DVD with those images and sell it - which I'm considering.

All in all, I'm an exhausted but very happy camper!! I am now looking forward to a long-awaited visit by my daughter Lisa and my beautiful granddaughter, Alena. Can't wait!!

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