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Color Explosion!

The past few months have been exceptionally busy for me - with wonderful opportunities for displaying and selling my work! And this next week is our art guild's annual Fall Art Festival - which I am chairing for the first time. I chose the theme "Color Explosion" because we have so many different artists - and mediums - and attending the show is a bit like being in the middle of a color explosion. The atmosphere every year is simply wonderful to be in - and the artists usually show new art they've created - as well as some of the pieces created in the past.

There is a good deal of work and preparation for an event like this, but I am fortunate to have several people who have stepped up to provide their support in so many areas - and I am so grateful to each of them! On Friday evening, September 30th, we'll host a "Patron's Night" - and those who have helped to support our organization through their donations attend a sneak preview of the art before the show is open to the public. It's always a gala event with champagne, hors d'oeuvres and live music and our sales are always brisk on Patron's Night! On Saturday and Sunday the show is open to the public and shortly before the show ends, there is a drawing where 10 pieces of wonderful art - donated by the top 10 selling artists from the previous year's show - are given away. A great time is always had by all!

I'll be showing some new images this year - as well as some favorites from years past. A couple of the abstract pieces are truly unique for me - and, of course, I'll always have pictures of bridges - both my beloved Kimberling City Bridge as well as a lovely old wooden bridge down in Beaver, Arkansas, that I had the opportunity to capture as the sun was going down - making for some lovely colors in the sky. (It looks particularly nice printed on polished metal!) Because there will be 29 artists exhibiting their work at the show, exhibit space is somewhat limited for each artist, so I've created a slide show with 75 of some of my favorite images that will play on a side show.

It's unlikely I'll have much opportunity to post again until after the show ends, so thought I would share a few of the images I'll be exhibiting! The last one is actually titled "Color Explosion" for obvious reasons.

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