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A Perspectives Challenge....

This past week, several members of our camera club (Southwest Missouri Camera Club) met at a beautiful park up in Springfield for a challenge. Various photography subjects in the park had been written on small slips of paper and put into a "hat"; each of us then drew a subject. The subject drawn was then to be photographed a minimum of 25 times - from different perspectives. To make the challenge even more interesting, the focal depth was to remain constant on all 25 images - no zooming in or out. If one wanted to "zoom" - it was done with their feet....moving closer or further away. Also, no cropping or major post-processing was to be done - though minor modifications were permitted (contrast, etc.) - and a black and white conversion was also permitted.

I chose to use my 50mm fixed-focus lens, which has always served me well - though it presented its own challenges since the subject I drew was an old barn-like structure....and I would have liked to get some nice wide-angle shots of it! But the wonderful textures and details were perfect fodder for the 50mm lens!

It was a wonderful learning experience for me and I managed to get some interesting photos. But I have to admit that even the best ones looked much better after making some of the changes that hadn't been allowed in the initial processing!!

The first image is my favorite image of the group that I did - and was further modified after I submitted my images for the challenge results, allowing me to bring out more details. A "gallery" of many of the images I took, following the allowable modification guidelines, follows that.

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