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My Magazine - "Welcome to the Ozarks" ...and a few Abstracts

Like most people nowadays, I am on Facebook. In fact, I manage four different Facebook pages - two for myself and two for others. One concern I have with Facebook - specifically with my own pages - is that while I enjoy posting my images - especially after a special event or one of our day trips - those images go out to everyone on my friend's list - whether they want to see them or not. So, I thought a Blog might be better because people can choose to see my new posts - or to take a pass. As this gets up and running, I expect to now post far fewer images on Facebook - and write more about the backgrounds of the images when I post them instead on my Blog.

I'll cover several things on this site - new images I take, new abstracts I create, updates on my exhibits and activities, the photo books I publish, and anything else I feel I'd like to share. Now sure how often I'll post - but it will probably be once a week at the minimum - pretty much depends on what's going on!

To begin this new experience, I'm posting a link to a magazine I created to share some of my favorites places here in the Ozarks with those who have visited and/or want to visit. This is actually the second version of this magazine - and it has fewer pages than the first one, in order to keep the cost down. I was approached by a local hotel group in Branson who are now offering it in their gift shops - and I've some success selling them locally as well. Clicking on the picture below will provide those who are interested with a full preview of the book - and it can also be purchased through that site.

And below are some newly created abstracts. While nature photography is my first love, I also get great enjoyment taking a normal image and working with it to create something altogether different. There's an entire page on my website dedicated to many of my abstracts, for those who'd like to see more.

More tomorrow!


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