Sunflower Field in SW Missouri
Beautiful Cat
Red Bellied Woodpecker
Watercolored Tulips DSC_0101 Reduced size
Baby Gorilla
Male Cardinal
Butterfly in the Lilacs
White Tiger named Loretta
Pileated Woodpecker
Lilac Kitty
Brown Bear in West Yellowstone
Gilded Flicker
Tufted Titmouse
Dogwood Blossoms DSC_3228
Quizzical Meerkat
Rascal (a friend's pupppy)
White Crowned Sparrow
Amber Eyes
What's for Dessert
Golden Eagle
Rascal (a friend's puppy)
Snow Geese
Downey Woodpecker
Carolina Wren

Fur, Feather & Petals

The images on this page are pretty diverse - ranging from hummingbirds to grizzly bears to day lilies.  The images of domestic animals were all taken in my home.  I love animals and am particularly fond of birds.   All of the bird images - with the exception of the eagles and the snow geese - were taken at my home as well.  The flora and wild animal images are from all over!

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© 2016 by Jacqueline Stoner  All photographs are original work and may not be copied without the written permission of the artist.  All Rights Reserved.